Writing Prompts

To kick off this blog, I thought I’d do a few prompts for people who want to get back into writing, are starting out, want to get the creative juices going, or just want to mess around and see what comes out (and if you read that and thought, “dirty,” we’ll get along just fine).

If you want to take these and write, take these and share, or even post your own prompts or stories on here, go right ahead.

1. Close your eyes in whatever room you are in right now, spin yourself around and point.  Whatever you’re pointing at when you open your eyes is your prompt.  Write at least a page long story in which that thing plays an important part, is a symbol for your larger theme, or even is the narrator.  Go.

2. What was your blankie/stuffed animal/comfort object from your childhood? (Come on, don’t give me that “I didn’t have one” BS, everybody did).  That object is missing from wherever it was stored.  What happened to it?

3. Get a fortune cookie.  Whatever it says is the first line of your story.

4. Put your I-pod on shuffle, whatever that first song, it is the inspiration for the story.  What story goes with the song, what emotions does it pull out of you, or maybe it’s just what your characters are listening to at an important point.

5. And just because I’m a lawyer and can’t resist, your story starts in a courtroom with somebody jumping up and yelling, “Objection!”  What happens next?

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