(Day 12 assignment.  Write a conversation based in real life with foreshadowing in it.  Today’s game, spot the foreshadowing.  Tell me what you think it is and what you think it’s foretelling.)

“Didn’t you know that’s how you get a green card?” he said as I leaned over the table to hear him over the din of two-hundred students celebrating the end of the week drunken law student style, by talking about anything that could be argued under the sun and over beer.

“You just have to come here for school and you get your green card?” I said. That couldn’t be right.

He tossed his head back, laughing a booming goofy laugh that made the people at our table and probably the ones around it stare at him.

“No.” He shook his head. “I got one when I was here before for a year; it carried over. They just let you keep it after ten years.”


He held up a hand, saying something I couldn’t quite catch with his accent over the noise. “I’m completely messing with you. For, like, the last ten minutes. It’s really difficult to get a green card. I’m here on a student visa.”

I bit back an embarrassed grin. Yeah, I was going to make a great lawyer. Couldn’t even tell when someone was pulling my leg. “So, what you’re saying is I shouldn’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth?”

He nodded, putting on a solemn face. “That’s exactly what I’m saying, yes.”

“Well then, I don’t think I can keep talking to you. It’s going to be pointless.”

“Yep, you should go.”

“And by that, you actually mean I should stay?”

“Because we are in a backwards reality, no.”

“But if we were in a backwards reality, we wouldn’t know it. It’d be forwards there. And the forwards reality would be backwards.”

“I have no idea what you just said.”

I giggled. “Me neither.”

“Well now I’m confused.”

“Me too!”

“Then we should just pretend we are in a forwards reality and say what we mean.” He stood, walking over to my side of the table, all wide smile and earnest brown eyes. “And I need another beer. Can I get you some?”

“I don’t like beer. But thanks.”

“You know you can’t say you don’t like beer to a German, right?”

“I did not know that. My apologies. But come on, the stuff they have in that keg isn’t real beer anyway, right?”

He laughed again, loud and unapologetic. “Are you sure you’ve never been to Germany? Or at least have some in your family?”

“Positive on the first. Second, not that I know of. I mean, I want to go travel. I just haven’t done a lot. I’m still working on the whole life experiences thing.”

He looked over his shoulder towards the swarm around the booze table. “I think they have wine.”

“Oh.” I straightened like a prairie dog. “I’ll take some wine.”

He grinned bigger, if that was possible. “I’ll be back.”

“So that means you’re not coming back, right? Because I can’t believe anything you say?”

“Exactly,” he said with a pointed finger. “I will not not be back.”

I stuck my tongue out at his back as he slid into the crowd/line to the drinks.

I turned my attention back to the table and the two girls I was slowly making friends with (and had sat at the table originally because they were people I actually recognized) gave me knowing looks.


“I see a little romance happening,” Liz said, winking at me.

“You like him?” Cassandra asked, nodding towards the crowd.

“I just met him.” I took a sip of my water, pretending I couldn’t feel my face heating up.

David sat down after getting his drink and they took off on another topic with him. Thank god.

“Hey,” came over my shoulder a few minutes later. He handed me a plastic cup of white wine before sitting next to me instead of taking his original seat on the other side of the table.

“Hey man,” David said before I could get out my thanks, “you going to the Eighties party tonight?”

“I don’t know… I don’t have a ride.”

David nodded at me. “Millie said she’s going. Why don’t you give him a ride?”

“Of course,” I said. “I’m going about nine. I’d be happy to take you.”


(FYI, this was based on a real conversation I had about four years ago with someone I’d just met, who turned out to be one of the defining characters in my life. It’s so perfect for today because I remember looking back on that conversation and thinking it was foreshadowing fit for fiction.)


14 thoughts on “WRITING 101 ASSIGNMENT – DAY 12

  1. Hmmm… Interesting array of conversations going on here. My best guess is that his foreshadowed a blossoming romantic relationship. I sensed some flirtation in a ‘reverse reality’ (giggles) kind of way. I could be WAAAY off, but that’s the feeling I was getting.

    (No need to correct me here. LOL! I’m just a hopeless romantic.) 😀

    I enjoyed your writing! You have a new follower.

    ~ Angela

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  2. You guys are right on the pending romance. This is the set up for that. But the foreshadowing is one little sentence, said in jest, that predicted something else. Remember the prompt was named “Dark Clouds on the Horizon.” There’s a reason this conversation is what popped into my head for this prompt 😉


    1. I have an idea for a story in the same reality as the one I’m posting on here in chunks where Millie is a patent attorney working to get magical inventions patented and her ex is the guy hired by her organization to lobby Congress when they are trying to pass a law saying magic is unpatentable subject matter. So that’s what this scene is supposed to be a flashback of.

      So the short answer is yes, if I can focus enough to get this book written 😀


  3. The romance part seems to overt to be foreshadowing, and it feels to me like the cover for real foreshadowing. Depending on on how you want to write it, you could use:
    * I can’t believe anything you say – leading to a sad ending
    * the stuff in that keg isn’t real beer anyway – for a thriller.
    In your _other_ writing, I’m waiting to see if Cassandra lives up to her name in the end, an if the snake deity was foreshadowing there. ‘Scuse me, I have to go speak to Chekov about a gun…

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  4. David got it in one 😉 The romance was the story, the line, “I shouldn’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth,” was the foreshadowing. Though I do like the idea of spiking the beer.
    I was wondering if anyone would notice the character here and in my posted story have the same name.
    In the other one, lives up to her name howwwwwwww? 😉


    1. If Cassandra’s name is foreshadowing, she’s going to tell the future, and no one on earth will believe her. Since you don’t write comedy, I’m expecting there *won’t* be a trojan rabbit involved. However, two related bits I saw gave me ideas:
      In Part 5, Cassandra rejects a romantic advance from Apollo. This can get a lady with her name in trouble.
      In Part 6, you introduce the Lamia, Sarasha. She may be the snake who will whisper something in Cassandra’s ear.
      With the upcoming fight in Part 7, I eagerly await part 8.


      1. Oh yeah, in the full book, I’m going to explore the implication of her name. Is it a coincidence? Was there some power whispering in her mom’s ear to name her daughter Cassandra because she was going to be a psychic? Or is she the reincarnation of the original Cassandra?


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