For National Cat Day, the writer’s prompt is, of course, tell a story or post a pic about a cat.  Doesn’t have to be long or anything, just something to honor the fur balls in our lives.

I’ve always been a dog person, for one, I’m allergic to cats.  Then I started to date one (many, many allergy meds followed).  He’s a 6’1 black haired kitty who likes to snuggle and take pictures.  He has a best buddy who’s a much smaller black haired kitty who’s not nearly as snuggly but likes to chase down rodents and sing in the middle of the night.  In honor of National cat day, I’m embracing my inner crazy cat lady and posting pics of my boys.

(The cover pic was Gremlin letting me know I’d studied enough the day before the bar.)

Gremlin decided my couch was his within five minutes of me moving it in.


The long cat.


Boxed cat

The camera savvy kitty.


oleg and gremlin

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