The Grand Jury was created to quell government, to keep police, prosecutors, and those in power from running roughshod over citizens.

The Grand Jury was created to stop the government from prosecuting on little evidence, from falling one head to appease masses.

From burning witches at the stake.

When people sit in the street, hold up signs, march, they are protesting.  They believe in something.  They are brave.

When people burn buildings, destroy vehicles, attack people in the streets, they are not only criminals, they are opportunistic ones.  They are cowards.

The fire is not protest
It is crime
It is pain

It is not harming an unjust government
But your fellow citizens

It is not against a power-hungry government
But in support of one

When fires burn and innocents suffer
Do not claim the fire burns for the righteous
For they are the ones tied to the stakes.

This is not what protest looks like:

A car dealership was set on fire overnight in Ferguson,

This is what protest looks like:

Don’t let your protest become a smoke screen for their crimes.

Stay safe out there.


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