(Picture of the Vandy Law Class of 2013 on our first day of law school.  Babies, just babies.)

This is a poem I wrote at the end of 1L year.  I’m not usually one much for poetry, but after the… interesting year that my first year of law school was, poetry was the only way it wanted to come out.  1L literally held my best and worst times.  It was certainly the most difficult year of my life to date.  I had lived a very sheltered life, had a good long childhood that ended the summer I left home.  I was on my own for the first time in my life and I did a lot of growing up.  And this, this is that time in a nutshell.


This year I have laughed.  I have cried.

I have screamed my hurt, punched walls, and denied.

I have played, partied, drank, dance, and sang.

I have crashed and burned.

And my heart has learned.

I have regrets and sorrows.

Precious memories I wouldn’t trade.

People who saved me, and people I tried to save.

People I have grown to love.

Some people I will lose.

That one person who is still the exception to my every rule.

I have felt my heart race.  And found it hard to breathe.

I have found friends, crushes, and betrayals.

Misunderstood.  Misjudged.  Miscommunicated.

I have seen the world through a confused child’s eyes.

I lost myself growing up and I survived.

I have found it in me to see the world from the other side.

I have floundered and drown where once I had thrived.

I chose others over myself and never regretted that once.

I made mistakes that defined who I was.

I have been the greatest coward.

But I risked my heart and that was brave.

In short, I have lived this year, and that’s more than many can say.


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