Liberty Con and Gen Con Schedules 2015

LibertyCon 28: June 26-28, 2015

I’m registered for Liberty Con in June and Gen Con in July, which coincides with my birthday so I get to party in Indi!!!

Writers’ Conventions or Symposiums are a great place to take writing classes, network and learn some new tricks.  I’ve been to Killer Nashville, which is great, but focuses mainly on writing for mysteries.  Liberty Con I’ve been told is like a Baen family reunion and is more about the industry getting together than teachy newbies, but they still have some great panels.

Gen Con’s Writer’s Symposium is all about teaching the amateurs and wannabes.  And I can’t wait.

Here is the schedule for Liberty Con in general.  If you want to go, get a ticket fast because they’re almost out.  It’ll probably be easier to get a hotel in Chattanooga (since that Con’s so much smaller) than it will be in Indianapolis now.  There are still some hotels and motels left that are further away, so you’ll have to drive, but I’d recommend getting one fast.

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 03:00PM Terraforming
Fri 03:00PM Reading: Terry Maggert & Robert Waters
Fri 03:00PM Large Dice Games with Daniel and Agatha
Fri 03:00PM Editorial Prerogative
Fri 03:00PM Autograph Session  (Burkhead, French, Mandragora, Puster, Wandrey)
Fri 03:00PM Reading – M. B. Weston & Paul Cagle
Fri 03:00PM Kids Dungeons & Dragons
Fri 03:00PM World Building Workshop
Fri 03:00PM Reading – Stephen Simmons & Anna Grace Carpener
Fri 03:00PM Author’s Alley  (Baird, Cook, Rorabaugh)
Fri 04:00PM 50 Years of SETI, Where is Everyone?
Fri 04:00PM What’s new in Space Opera?
Fri 04:00PM Face Painting
Fri 04:00PM Weird Wild West
Fri 04:00PM Autograph Session  (Hunt, L Johnson, Lewis, Lowery)
Fri 04:00PM The Delphic Oracle
Fri 04:00PM Reading – Sabrina Chase & Dina Leacock
Fri 04:00PM Author’s Alley  (Burkhead, Coe, Kroese)
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies
Fri 05:00PM Open Gaming
Fri 06:00PM Illustrating Space Opera
Fri 06:00PM Consciousness: Who are we really?
Fri 06:00PM Balloons of Doom
Fri 06:00PM What’s New in Dark Fantasy?
Fri 06:00PM Autograph Session  (Baker, K Daniels, A Davis, Raufson, Weston)
Fri 06:00PM Reading: Jack McDevitt
Fri 06:00PM GURPS Mars Attacks” (RPG) – The Martians Come
Fri 06:00PM Keeping Track of Your Money
Fri 06:00PM Meet the Literary Guest of Honor – David Weber
Fri 06:00PM Author’s Alley  (French, Mandragora, Patterson)
Fri 07:00PM Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW)
Fri 07:00PM Changes in the World of Publishing
Fri 07:00PM Puppet Show
Fri 07:00PM Technological Future of War
Fri 07:00PM Autograph Session  (Cordova, Hartness, Lamplighter, Maggert, C Sanderson)
Fri 07:00PM What’s New from Perseid Publishing
Fri 07:00PM Gypsy Knights Games presents Traveller – “In Pursuit of Mr. James” 3-9 players
Fri 07:00PM Short Stories or Novels, Indie?
Fri 07:00PM Meet the Artist Guest of Honor – Sam Flegal
Fri 07:00PM Author’s Alley  (B Brooks, Mandragora, Nye)
Fri 08:00PM Emerging Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance
Fri 08:00PM David Drake – A Retrospective of my Favorite Works
Fri 08:00PM 1632: Mass Autograph Session
Fri 08:00PM Wirmish (Writer’s Skirmish)
Fri 08:00PM Reading: Les Johnson
Fri 08:00PM Indie Marketing Workshop
Fri 08:00PM Meet the Master of Ceremonies – Howard Tayler
Fri 08:00PM Author’s Alley  (Holo, C Kennedy, S Osborn)
Fri 09:00PM Surviving the Next Carrington Event
Fri 09:00PM Brewing 102
Fri 09:00PM Reading: David Burkhead & Robert Buettner
Fri 09:00PM What’s New in Military SF
Fri 09:00PM Artist Meet & Greet
Fri 09:00PM Bureau 9
Fri 09:00PM Meet the Science Guest of Honor – Dr. Robert Hampson aka Tedd Roberts
Fri 09:00PM Author’s Alley  (Holo, Lewis, Lowery)
Fri 10:00PM Nuclear Power vs. Fossil Fuels
Fri 10:00PM Paranormal Activities Panel
Fri 10:00PM Large Dice Games with Daniel and Agatha
Fri 10:00PM Social Justice for the Undead
Fri 10:00PM 1632: This Isn’t the Victorian Era: Sexuality in the 17th Century
Fri 10:00PM Open Gaming
Fri 10:00PM Friday Night Dance
Fri 10:00PM Meet the Special Guest: Steve Jackson
Fri 10:00PM Author’s Alley  (Holo, Maggert, Spriggs)
Fri 10:30PM Manticoran Navy Ship HMS Wolverine Commissioning
Fri 11:00PM Steve Jackson Games – Open Gaming
Fri 11:00PM Spades Tournament (First Round)
Day Time Name of Event
Sat 10:00AM Alien Minds: How They are portrayed in Science Fiction
Sat 10:00AM On the Collaborations of David Weber and Eric Flint
Sat 10:00AM Make It & Take It Workshop and Sit’n’Stitch
Sat 10:00AM Global Warming / Climate Change: The Debate Continues
Sat 10:00AM Autograph Session  (Fults, Leacock, Maggert, J Young)
Sat 10:00AM “Kaiju Returns — are big monsters really necessary for urban renewal?”
Sat 10:00AM Board Game Design Workshop
Sat 10:00AM Kids Dungeons & Dragons
Sat 10:00AM Reading: Scott W. Baker & Anna Kathryn Davis
Sat 10:00AM Author’s Alley  (Dandridge, French, Wandrey)
Sat 11:00AM Trial By Fire
Sat 11:00AM Reading: Julie Cochrane
Sat 11:00AM Autograph Session  (C Kennedy, Lowery, S Osborn, J Young)
Sat 11:00AM Artist Guest of Honor Walk Through
Sat 11:00AM Boots on the Ground vs. Bots on the Ground
Sat 11:00AM Reading: The Writing Hoyts!
Sat 11:00AM Author’s Alley  (Dandridge, Dempsey, Patterson)
Sat 12:00PM NASA Update
Sat 12:00PM How to Write Workshop
Sat 12:00PM What’s New in YA Fantasy Literature
Sat 12:00PM Autograph Session  (B Brooks, M Powell, Raymer, Rorabaugh)
Sat 12:00PM 1632: Weird Tech, Part I and II
Sat 12:00PM Munchkin Apocalypse
Sat 12:00PM Open Gaming
Sat 12:00PM Space Opera Luncheon Banquet and Guest of Honor Speeches
Sat 12:00PM Reading: Ernest Dempsey & Louis Puster
Sat 12:00PM Author’s Alley  (Hartness, Lewis, Raufson)
Sat 01:00PM Improv Painting Demonstration
Sat 01:00PM Large Dice Games with Daniel and Agatha
Sat 01:00PM What’s new in Horror
Sat 01:00PM Autograph Session  (Dempsey, Gannon, Holo, Ringo)
Sat 01:00PM Reading: David B. Coe / D. B. Jackson
Sat 01:00PM Author’s Alley  (Hartness, Pascoe, Raufson)
Sat 02:00PM H.G. Wells: The Father of Modern SF
Sat 02:00PM Reading: Eric S. Brown & L. Jagi Lamplighter
Sat 02:00PM Face Painting
Sat 02:00PM Baen Traveling Slideshow and Prize Patrol
Sat 02:00PM Autograph Session  (Biondolillo, Buettner, Dempsey, Herring-Jones, McCaffrey)
Sat 02:00PM Utopian Visions
Sat 02:00PM Gypsy Knights Games presents Traveller – “The Early Bird” 3-9 players
Sat 02:00PM Reading: Charles E. Gannon
Sat 02:00PM Author’s Alley  (Hartness, Raufson, Spriggs)
Sat 03:00PM Science and Publishing
Sat 03:00PM David Weber: A Man Without Honor
Sat 03:00PM Kids Costuming / Masquerade and Magic Show
Sat 03:00PM Autograph Session  (Driver, French, McDevitt, Tayler)
Sat 03:00PM Iron Artist Competition (Live!)
Sat 03:00PM What’s new from Iron Clad Press
Sat 03:00PM Reading – Mark Fults: “Chattanooga Chills”
Sat 03:00PM Author’s Alley  (Baird, Burkhead, Cook)
Sat 03:00PM Spades Tournament (Second Round)
Sat 04:00PM What’s New from Steve Jackson Games
Sat 04:00PM Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Sat 04:00PM Reading – Tom Trumpinski
Sat 04:00PM Concert: Beth Patterson
Sat 04:00PM Autograph Session  (Brown, Drake, Mandragora, Weber)
Sat 04:00PM Ice Cream Social
Sat 04:00PM 1632: How History has Already Changed
Sat 04:00PM Indie: Is your book ready for prime time?
Sat 04:00PM Reading: Kimberly S. Daniels & T.D. Raufson
Sat 04:00PM Author’s Alley  (Cochrane, Coe, L Johnson, C Kennedy)
Sat 04:00PM Spades Tournament (Final Round)
Sat 05:00PM Nuclear Oddities and Follies, Part II
Sat 05:00PM Coming Home
Sat 05:00PM Generating the Sense of Wonder in YA Literature
Sat 05:00PM Autograph Session  (D Hoyt, R Hoyt, S Hoyt, Nye)
Sat 05:00PM Convention War Stories
Sat 05:00PM Open Gaming
Sat 05:00PM Reading – Cedar Sanderson and Amanda Green
Sat 05:00PM Author’s Alley  (Hough, L Johnson, Mays)
Sat 06:00PM Reading: John Hartness & Beth Patterson
Sat 06:00PM Puppet Show
Sat 06:00PM Paranormal Romance: Supernatural Love or is it?
Sat 06:00PM What is the fascination with Dystopian futures?
Sat 06:00PM GURPS Mars Attacks” (RPG) – Take Out the Trash
Sat 06:00PM Reading: Chris Smith & Kacey Ezell
Sat 06:00PM Author’s Alley  (Hough, S Osborn, Weston)
Sat 07:00PM Art and Charity Auction
Sat 07:00PM Writing for the Comics
Sat 07:00PM Balloons of Doom
Sat 07:00PM Costume, Clothing and Dress in SF&F
Sat 07:00PM Adventuring into the World of Uteria: The Dead Gulch
Sat 07:00PM Reading – Louise Herring-Jones and D. Alan Lewis
Sat 07:00PM Author’s Alley  (Lowery, Patterson, Weston)
Sat 08:00PM What’s New in Pirate Fantasy
Sat 08:00PM Comics vs. Media: Who got it right? Who got it wrong?
Sat 08:00PM Reading: Thomas Mays & Kal Spriggs
Sat 08:00PM Author’s Alley  (Cook, Rorabaugh, Weston)
Sat 09:00PM 1632: Music of the Ring
Sat 09:00PM What’s New in Epic Fantasy?
Sat 09:00PM Large Dice Games with Daniel and Agatha
Sat 09:00PM ARTC Presentation: Thomas E. Fuller’s “The Passion of Frankenstein”
Sat 09:00PM Paranormal: Fact or Fiction?
Sat 09:00PM Gypsy Knights Games presents Traveller: “From Hell’s Heart” 3-9 players
Sat 09:00PM Reading: Jacob Holo & Cindy MacLeod
Sat 09:00PM Author’s Alley  (B Brooks, A Green, Maggert)
Sat 10:00PM Are You a Werewolf?
Sat 10:00PM Weremystes, Conjurers & Tricorn Punk: David B. Coe Talks Urban Fantasy
Sat 10:00PM Steve Jackson Games – Open Gaming
Sat 10:00PM Reading – Jody Lynn Nye
Sat 11:00PM Mad Scientist Roundtable
Day Time Name of Event
Sun 10:00AM ARTC Reading: TBD
Sun 10:00AM Cybersecurity for the Author
Sun 10:00AM Large Dice Games with Daniel and Agatha
Sun 10:00AM Blogging and the Rise of Fan Sites
Sun 10:00AM Autograph Session  (Driver, Leacock, Puster)
Sun 10:00AM Reading: John Ringo
Sun 10:00AM Open Gaming
Sun 10:00AM Kaffeeklatsch
Sun 10:00AM Reading: Martin Powell & L.R. Barrett-Durham Powell
Sun 10:00AM Author’s Alley  (S Hoyt, C Sanderson, Waters)
Sun 11:00AM Family Feud: Hoyt vs. Williamson
Sun 11:00AM Doctors in Hell
Sun 11:00AM Reading – Tamara Lowery & Herika Raymer
Sun 11:00AM The Ethics of Human Augmentation
Sun 11:00AM Autograph Session  (Hartness, C Kennedy, Wandrey, Weber)
Sun 11:00AM World Building: First Contact (on the Fly)!
Sun 11:00AM Steve Jackson Games – Open Gaming
Sun 11:00AM Reading – Walt Boyes & Donna Driver
Sun 11:00AM Author’s Alley  (Coe, French, Huff)
Sun 12:00PM Intelligence: What is it? Where is my smart pill?
Sun 12:00PM What’s new in the World of Steampunk
Sun 12:00PM Balloons of Doom
Sun 12:00PM The “Other” – Is the enemy demonized or humanized in modern Military SF?
Sun 12:00PM Autograph Session  (Cook, Hough, Raufson, Weston)
Sun 12:00PM 1632: Snerking the Plots
Sun 12:00PM Humor Workshop
Sun 12:00PM Reading – Jack Finley & Robert Kroese
Sun 12:00PM Author’s Alley  (B Brooks, Lowery, S Osborn)
Sun 01:00PM The Art of Illustrator Sam Flegal
Sun 01:00PM Reading – David Weber
Sun 01:00PM Puppet Show
Sun 01:00PM How to Serve Mythical Creatures Panel
Sun 01:00PM Autograph Session  (B Brooks, Burkhead, Holo, Mays, McCaffrey)
Sun 01:00PM 1632: Sociological Implications of the Ring of Fire
Sun 01:00PM Reading – Jonathan Baird & Walter Hunt
Sun 01:00PM Author’s Alley  (Maggert, Spriggs, Wandrey)
Sun 02:00PM Celebrity Jeopardy
Sun 02:00PM Urban Fantasies: What Cities Make the Best Backdrop for Imagination and Why?
Sun 02:00PM What’s New from Sha’Daa: FACETS
Sun 02:00PM Autograph Session  (P Grant, Kroese, Rorabaugh, Tayler)
Sun 02:00PM Reading – David Drake
Sun 02:00PM Cover Design Panel
Sun 02:00PM Reading: Jonathan French & A. R. Cook
Sun 02:00PM Author’s Alley  (C Kennedy, Lewis, Mandragora)
Sun 03:00PM Closing Ceremonies – Let’s Bitch at Brandy

And my Gen Con’s Writer’s Symposium Schedule specifically.  You have to sign up for specific events because each room can only accommodate so many.  Cuz there’s so many events in the Writer’s Symposium alone (not to mention the events in different parts of the Con), I’m not posting the full schedule here, you can find it here: 

Item Time Recipient Cost
Writer’s Craft: Anatomy of a Fight Scene—Part 1 Thu at 9:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Making the Fantastic Feel Realistic Thu at 10:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Business of Writing: Early Stage Writing Career—What to Expect Thu at 11:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Character Craft: Common People in Epic Conflicts Thu at 1:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: When to Show, When to Tell Thu at 2:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Character Craft: Where to Start When Creating Characters Thu at 3:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Badass Badguys Thu at 4:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $8.00
Business of Writing: Pitching Your Project Thu at 5:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Worldbuilding: When Your World is a Character Thu at 6:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Plotting Short Stories Thu at 7:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Finding Work for Your Inner Critic—Self-Editing for Fiction Writers Fri at 9:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $8.00
Author Ed: Murder Murder Death Death!—Traumatic Injury Myths Fri at 11:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Description Through Dialogue Fri at 12:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Life: Breaking Writer’s Block Fri at 2:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Office Hours: Drop in Q & A Fri at 3:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Characterization Fri at 4:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $8.00
Writer’s Craft: Cinematic Action Scenes Fri at 5:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Epiphanies & Defining Moments Fri at 6:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Worldbuilding: Governments & Laws Fri at 7:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: How to Create a More Realistic Fictitious World Sat at 9:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Worldbuilding: Creating Magic Systems Sat at 10:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Character Craft: What Makes a Character a Hero? Sat at 11:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Worldbuilding: Writing a World’s History Sat at 12:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Sustaining the Tension in Novels Sat at 1:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Hickman’s Guide to the Care & Feeding of Your Audience Sat at 2:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Writer’s Craft: Magic and the Modern World Sat at 3:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Worldbuilding: Creating Religions Sat at 4:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Character Craft: Supporting Cast—Real People VS Plot Devices Sat at 5:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Character Craft: Writing the Other Sat at 6:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00
Read & Critique Sun at 11:00 AM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $8.00
Writer’s Craft: Atmospheric Writing Thu at 12:00 PM
Amie Gibbons (1 ticket) $0.00

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