Links on Writing


Alright guys, today I’m not gonna talk.  I know you love my ramblings (what, only I love my ramblings? 🙂 but today I’m just gonna link.  Below are links to sites and blogs with invaluable tips/tricks/advice on how to write.  Yes, most of these are a link to a bunch of other links.  It’s like clickbait squared, just roll with it.  And if you get lost?  Just remember you parked in the Gibbons lot 😉

32 Rules to Writing a Great Novel

Navigating from Writing to Publication

Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story—Structure Part One She doesn’t have all these stored on a page, but start here and just keep clicking next post to get all 9.

And then go here for her series of posts on POV 

Writer’s Toolbox

Write About Dragons – Master Class On Writing

Articles on Publishing (Okay, technically not on writing, more what comes after, but useful 🙂

Compelling Opening Chapters

The Elements of Stories

Writing techniques and Craft Tips

42 Fiction Writing Tips

The 3 Act Structure

101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips

Alright, have fun diving down those bunny holes.  And when you come up for air, happy writing 🙂


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