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Yeah, I know, promotion has no hyphen in it. It’s early, I’m pre-coffee, so bear with me. Pro, or for, and motion. Or perhaps it’s ‘in favor of’ and motion. Either way, there’s energy in that. We’re going places! And we’re asking you to come along with us, dear…

Why Give Indie a Try

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I didn’t forget my post day. I forgot what day today is.  This is partly because I’m still feeling like “every day is Sunday” after we finished the heavy part of the house, and partly because today is a wee bit crazy.  We just took a load of hazardous…

It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday!!!  I love my birthday, it’s the day everything is about me.  I think I feel this way because technically it’s not just my birthday, I’ve had to share it and that makes me cherish the my-ness of it more 🙂  It’s mine and my “little” brother’s.  He was born on (hijacked!) my … More It’s My Birthday!

My Fellow Science Geeks – We’ve Found Earth’s Older, Overweight Cousin!

I’m sure everyone who cares has seen this, but hey.  Look what Kepler found! Article found here:  Everything below is from that article and I claim no credit for it, nor do I mean to violate anyone’s copyright, merely share some really cool information 🙂

WritersLife Wednesday – List of Short Stories I’ve Written and Asking for Beta Readers

I have 4 Evie Jones stories, ranging from 5K to 15K words, 2 Millie Lehman stories in my Gods reality, and 2 stories in my Sphinx reality (Because shorts were so much easier to edit and fix than the first book I wrote :).  These have been edited, some have been beta read already and re-edited, and … More WritersLife Wednesday – List of Short Stories I’ve Written and Asking for Beta Readers

5 Facts About Me

Okay guys, it’s time for another feel good assignment from the writing fairy 🙂 Below are 5 facts about me.  Facts that definitely skew towards the weird and cute because that’s what we’re going for.  So after reading mine, list 5 facts about the amazing person that is you 🙂  After that, brainstorm cute little things … More 5 Facts About Me