Waiting for Baen Fantasy Award Finalists to be Announced


I’m waiting for the Baen Fantasy Award Finalists to be announced.  They do a top 10 (I believe) and then pick the 3 winners from that.  They are supposed to be posted today at the latest.  I know, I know I’m not going to make the finalists, but I keep checking like a girl seeing if a guy has text her back yet!  I just want the uncertainty to be over.  *Dramatic sobs and shaking of fists.*  Reject me already so I can move on with my life 🙂


Until they’re posted, I have this horrible thing called hope.  Happy Writing 🙂


13 thoughts on “Waiting for Baen Fantasy Award Finalists to be Announced

  1. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been doing the same thing all day. I believe they go off eastern standard time, so there is only about 45 minutes left. Wondering if they aren’t going to meet their own deadline. Good luck to you!

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    1. There’s a few of us bitching about it on Twitter too 🙂 No, I don’t think they’re going to meet it. OR, when they said finalists would be announced, they meant they’d be announced to the finalists and too bad for the rest of us. Good luck to you too!


    1. No clue. Not that I can find. But they did post the finalists for the last contest this year, the Memorial Award. And they did say they would “announce” the finalists and then inform the winners and only the winners, suggesting something posted publicly for this first round. Otherwise why specify only the winners would be notified of the results of the second round, but not specify only the finalists would be notified of the first round. Bam, lawyered. I have now convinced myself they must post the finalists publicly… eventually 🙂


  2. I think last year Larry Corriea said that he’d let people know who the finalists were, but there was never anything official from Baen and as far as I know no names were ever given out ( other than the winners).

    Let’s hope we hear something this year, preferably before the weekend.

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    1. Well, they said they’d “announce” the finalists, implying they would put out something official. And then they’ll just tell the winners that they won. I may have to ask Larry though, just if he’s gotten the finalists to judge them yet. Cuz I’s gotsta know! 🙂


  3. Starting to get real late now for this announcement. GenCon is in three weeks so if they expect the winner to make the trip to Indianapolis they’re going to have to give them at least a couple of weeks notice

    My bet is that they’ll skip announcing the finalists and just announce the winners soon.


    1. I mentioned this on Twitter and they said they were running late but hoping to have the list of finalists out this week. But yeah, they’re going to have to hurry with picking the winners 🙂


    1. Hahahaha, that’s because they haven’t posted anything related to the finalists yet, and it’s only it’s second year so there’s not build up from years past 🙂


  4. Update from Larry Correia’s website:

    “I just got done judging the final stories for the 2nd annual Baen Fantasy Short Story contest. Again, we had a ton of entries, and the ten finalists were all good and very different. “Fantasy” is a really broad category. The judges picked, debated, and we have our winners. They are being contacted this week.”


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    1. Thanks Richard. Yeah, I saw that earlier and was like, “Eeeeeeeeee! Wait, wait, wait, so they aren’t going to post the finalists, they’ll just let us know? Crap.” So I guess if we haven’t heard by the end of the week, we assume we’re not finalists or winners and move on with our lives 🙂


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