Vote for your favorite pose for an urban fantasy cover

We all know people judge books by their covers, no matter how many times we use that expression not to do that to people, we still do it to books. 🙂 My boyfriend and I did a photo shoot to try out different poses and weapons for what would work for an urban fantasy heroine on a book cover.  I still have to do more detailed research into covers and formatting, but there’s usually a heroine with some sort of weapon and some magical item or magic going on in the background.

Here are my favorites (all unedited). Vote for your favorite, tell me if there’s something that’d make one look better to you, or what elements seem more inline with the urban fantasy genre than others.

(We are looking for ones in general for many different stories and books, so one might be more suited to a particular story than others, but general feedback on what looks urban fantasy-like even if it wouldn’t necessarily go with a particular story would be good 🙂

_DSC6829 _DSC6810 _DSC6803 _DSC6787 _DSC6767 _DSC6764 _DSC6834IMG_1299 IMG_1300 IMG_1301


6 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite pose for an urban fantasy cover

  1. I’d go with the first one. It holds some mystery, as she’s looking away from the camera … and she’s not smiling. The weapon is close to the center of the composition, rather than off to the side or a corner. The one I favor does need to have the extraneous visual matter at the far left excised, though.

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  2. No. 1. She’s doing something with a weapon, dressed unconventionally, immediately draws attention.

    Don’t break the 4th wall and don’t have her turned completely away (I love cats, but that pose is just huh? for me). And just holding a weapon is boring.

    JMO, best wishes!

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