Everyone’s a Winner!

I love this post 1) because it’s so relevant to all of us who are seeking approval of the publishing community until we finally grow a backbone and go indie, and 2) because Cedar used the picture with me and has the caption starting, “You’re a celebrity now,” which just made me laugh because I’m like, “There’s a picture of me! I’m famous!” 🙂

Mad Genius Club

We live in a society – or most of us do, since I’m sure there are a few readers who hail from distant shores that aren’t the US of A – which fosters the idea that everyone will win. Whatever the game is. From reading contests at school (I was perma-banned from them in high school, since I would always win, and it didn’t hurt my feelings a bit) to getting a job, everyone wants to come out on top. Reality, as the adults among us know, is a rather different beast.

Writers will not always win. If you’re submitting a story, over and over, and it’s being rejected over and over, it’s hard to hear ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ but in reality, that’s what it is. Your story might not have been what was needed right at that moment, so it didn’t make the cut. Not that it’s…

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