5 Facts About Me


Okay guys, it’s time for another feel good assignment from the writing fairy 🙂

Below are 5 facts about me.  Facts that definitely skew towards the weird and cute because that’s what we’re going for.  So after reading mine, list 5 facts about the amazing person that is you 🙂  After that, brainstorm cute little things that would be facts about your characters.  What would they put for something like this?

1. I naturally blow my nose so loud it sounds like a train.  (My sister used to call me Foghorn Leghorn.)

2. When I was about 5 I desperately wanted a middle name because everybody else had one, so I gave myself the middle name of Peanut Butter.  To this day, I still have family and friends of my dad’s who call me Amie PB Gibbons.

3. I got a stuffed animal named Baby Henry for my first Christmas and I still have him.  He lives on my dresser.  When I was first going to school, my mom would have to check my backpack to make sure I wasn’t trying to take him to school with me.

4. My baby brother was born 3 weeks early, coincidentally I’m sure 🙂 on my 6th birthday.

5. I lovvvvvve holidays.  Any excuse to decorate, dress up and eat candy is good with me.

Alright, those are mine.  Your turn.  Do 5 for you, 5 for a character or three, and have some fun with it.

Happy Writing 🙂

5 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me

  1. 1) I’ve always had an affinity for animals. When I was about 5 my parents marveled that a black & white cat followed me home and stayed. At 16 a Falcon appeared on an overhead wire in our back yard and I coaxed him down to my arm with a bit of raw meat. He had a tag band on one leg. Animal Control took him to locate the owner. At 30 I had a close encounter with Mountain Lion in Colorado. S/he wandered into our campsite after we retired. A friend needed batteries for a flashlight so I went out to the motorcycle, turned around and faced a big cat 30 feet away. “Sorry, we’re fresh out of rabbit tonight.” I said and the cougar moved off and away from our site. Of course I shook for twenty minutes.

    2) As a child I thought hot dogs were the perfect food off the grill. I never ate a hamburger until I was almost 9 years old and steaks didn’t interest me until I was 12. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to make up lost time with good steaks!

    3) I have an elder brother by six years, one month, 6 hours and one minute (adjusted for time zones). Both of us were born on the 25th of the month in the early morning hours of 4-5am. Not quite as coincidental as your younger sibling.

    4) July 4th is my favorite holiday. We used to BBQ and smoke meats during the day for dozens of friends & neighbors and I’d hop between the grill and smoker cooking beef, chicken and pork. One year I cooked 30 pounds of chicken, 20 pounds of burgers, 15 pounds of pork ribs, 15 pounds of beef ribs, 6 pounds of hotdogs, and smoked 40 pounds of brisket. There were virtually no leftovers either. (Yes, of course I had some occasional help.)

    5) I’ve virtually given up alcohol, since I turned 28. Mostly because I was riding motorcycles almost all the time. No great epiphany, just the realization that I didn’t need to add any unnecessary hazards to my life. I’ll still drink the celebratory drink now and then or a beer with pizza.

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