Next Iteration of the Logo

gremlin font bsl

Working through some kinks, and bashing out my desire for bright colors because I am not 12 years old, with my sister really helped bring the logo up a notch.

And then we have one with color just in case it needs to pop a little more.

gremlin font bsl 2


One thought on “Next Iteration of the Logo

  1. I’ve done a few logos in my time & this is coming along very nicely! You’ve pulled the two words together so they’re not adrift and calmed down some of the complexity (the original is pretty, interesting & fun but not necessarily a good logo for reproducing on a business card / letterhead or as a small jpg on screen).
    You’re now into the Land of Tweaks: personally, I would just ease the whole thing more to the left to give your text more than half of the space (I know that cats do tend to take up more room than you’d like, but you’ve just got to be firm). At the moment the ends of the words are just a bit too close to the edge. The fur from the cat’s back is also a bit weird if you don’t know the original. And I would probably adjust the highlight behind the text to sit at the intersection of the G, P and r (the “ing” is losing contrast against the darker background). I’d also try to replicate it as a simple mono line art, just to see how it looks.
    But those would be my amendments – in your Land of Tweaks, you are queen 🙂


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