WritersLife Wednesday – When Are You Ready To Publish?

Today I was telling a girl at work how scared I am to be publishing.  My first story comes out on Sunday and I’m freaking out, I told her.  She was sweet, saying I’d be fine, and then she said something that threw me.  They wouldn’t be publishing you if you weren’t ready. Ummmmmmmm. See, … More WritersLife Wednesday – When Are You Ready To Publish?

Writing 101 Assignment – Virtual Coffee Date

The Writing 101 Assignment is found here: https://writing101september2015.wordpress.com/daily-tasks/ and it challenged us to write out what we’d say if we were on a coffee date and what we’d want to update people about.  This is a great one for me because I have something pretty exciting coming up. If we were having coffee right now … More Writing 101 Assignment – Virtual Coffee Date

Why Do We Procrastinate?

I saw a great article on procrastination here: http://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html and it was all pretty on the nose, for one type of procrastination.  The people who do get distracted and do go off of that mentality of ‘I want something rewarding now, like something fun or easy or relaxing, instead of working for some reward in the … More Why Do We Procrastinate?

Gremu Risk Day 4

Day 4 and still funny.  We’re going to have to turn this into a wacky, fantasy short story because Daydream has got the gift of crazy storytelling. 🙂 Sir Ian McKellen stands on top of the turret at the palace at Kichaita, watching the dawn sun rise over Gremu. He turns and looks back at … More Gremu Risk Day 4

Coffee Prompt Monday

The hornets have escaped and are terrorizing the village. I’ll die before I accept your math. Fire dance with the shadows. Every Monday I’ll give you a wacky prompt or three to get you over the Monday blues and back to writing after (or during! gasp) your long day back at work.  Take the prompt and a … More Coffee Prompt Monday

Where Were You?

Our generation has one of those defining moments, where we’ll be telling our kids about it.  I think every generation has something like that.  The biggest thing that happens during those 20 years or so.  The little ones just gets replaced if an even bigger one comes along.  For us, it was 9/11. I was … More Where Were You?

Writers’ Game of Risk, Day 3 – The Lawyers’ Revenge.

It’s been 3 rounds and the lawyers in the blood red heels are drinking champagne in a throne on their very own continent!  In non-dork terms, I’m red and I’m winning right now 🙂  And Daydream’s battle stories just keep getting better.  We’re going to have to put these in a book when we’re done … More Writers’ Game of Risk, Day 3 – The Lawyers’ Revenge.

WriterLife Wednesday – Formatting and Publishing

Since I’m nose deep in the publishing part of stuff right now, thought I’d slap up some of the links I’ve found particularly helpful.  These aren’t exactly friendly waters, and navigating them can get tricky.  Most are from the Mad Genius Club because I have friends there who have been so ridiculously helpful, and it … More WriterLife Wednesday – Formatting and Publishing