I know we all get busy around the holidays. There are gifts to buy, people to visit, decorations to hang, work to wrap up and dammit, fun must be had no matter what! You know what? No, it doesn’t. Yes, you’re busy and stuff does need to get done. Work isn’t optional and family time … More Relaaaaaaaax

Coffee Prompt Monday

The nightmare is getting more frequent. Where oh where did my little dino go? The fuzeball players are going on strike. Every Monday I’ll give you a wacky prompt or three to get you over the Monday blues and back to writing after (or during! gasp) your long day back at work.  Take the prompt and … More Coffee Prompt Monday

Coffee Prompt and WritersLife: The Beauty of Indie Flexibility

Okay, it’s no secret I’ve been busy, so here are your writing prompts for Coffee Prompt Monday (yes, I realize it’s Thursday so this is really freakin’ late 🙂 Country music never sounded like this before, Playing hand games on the job, again? Late to work and the pirates are already there.   And the … More Coffee Prompt and WritersLife: The Beauty of Indie Flexibility

Who Are You?

  This is part self actualizing and part writing exercise.  Who are you?  List 5 traits that make you, you.  I don’t mean the surface stuff like you’re a middle child (guilty! 🙂 or your favorite food is sushi.  I mean the original stuff, the quirks, the details.  Do this for yourself, and if you’re … More Who Are You?