I know we all get busy around the holidays. There are gifts to buy, people to visit, decorations to hang, work to wrap up and dammit, fun must be had no matter what!

You know what? No, it doesn’t. Yes, you’re busy and stuff does need to get done. Work isn’t optional and family time isn’t either. Hopefully the family time is fun. But even if it is, you get to chill and have time to yourself and just be.

No really. I am officially giving you permission to sit the party out, to tell your family you’ll see them at dinner or to even put the kids in front of the TV babysitter.

We all need time to recharge, to do nothing, soak in the tub, read or watch a movie. Even those of us who have more than one job. My goal is to finish my nano novel over the break from my first job, but between hanging with family and the usual December rush before that, I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done. You know why? Because of you’re burned out from running at 100 miles an hour, your creative juices aren’t flowing.

Give yourself permission to take a break. Even if it’s just half an hour. Take it and relax. You’ll be shocked how much more productive you are when your batteries have had a chance to recharge.

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