Coffee Prompt Monday


Sorry this is late!  Sick kitteh over here.

  1. The candy gang attacks.
  2. Pink’s her favorite; it’s the color of blood spray.
  3. You hit Cupid with your truck and now you have to take his place.

Every Monday I’ll give you a wacky prompt or three to get you over the Monday blues and back to writing after (or during! gasp) your long day back at work.  Take the prompt and a cup of coffee and let your imagination run wild.

Make it a flash piece, a short story or even get inspiration for an entire novel.  Write it up and share it on your blog and link it to the post or just share it in the post’s comments.

And if you like my crazy prompts every Monday, you may like what I’ve come up with using them.  Check out Evie Jones and the Spirit Stalker, on sale this week for $0.99.

evie jones and the spirit stalker blended brown eyes


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