Coffee Prompt Mondays


Every Monday I’ll give you a wacky prompt or three to get you over the Monday blues and back to writing after (or during! gasp) your long day back at work.  Take the prompt and a cup of coffee and let your imagination run wild.

Make it a flash piece, a short story or even get inspiration for an entire novel.  Write it up and share it on your blog and link it to the post or just share it in the post’s comments.  As a little incentive to encourage bravery in getting you to post, I’ll critique up to 1,000 words of your piece.


1. The purse ate his hand

2. The cabbage is especially chatty this year

3. Banana’s stuck in a tree again, get the machete to chop him down.


1. Food attacks when you open fridge door

2. Bugs argue for their rights

3. That girl scout selling cookies looks off somehow


1. Gun to your head

2. Why is the mushroom singing

3. Italian itch torture will make you talk


1. Wake up in an alternate reality

2. The damn rose just won’t die

3. Music magic


1. Song on i-Pod you certainly didn’t add

2. Singing competition goes seriously bad

3. The cat can sing, but can she dance?


1. The jar of peanut butter’s attacking again.

2. Allergy shots for something unusual.

3. Water drinking competition.


1. Poker game goes horribly wrong.

2. The coffee tastes weak today, why?

3. Lizard loose in the office.


1. People pirating bananas.

2. The trees are attacking!

3. Guns that shoot marshmallows.


1. Job Interview with an animal.

2. Smuggling water into someplace in an alcohol bottle.

3. Mysterious medical condition makes one of character’s joints hurt.


1. MC’s sick, but this is no common cold.

2. The dinos, griffins and unicorns play date is not going well.

3. Person has a mysterious device on a 12 hour flight and refuses to tell what it is.


1. First date, what’s the worst that could happen?

2. A hippo’s in a tutu and it’s pissed.

3. Your worst fear flies in your face.


1. Have a Dr. prescribe her patient coffee.

2.German tank rolls down the streets in a parade in the US.

3. There’s a bioweapon that’s feeling chatty today.


1. Pull an electronic device out of the fridge.

2. Use music as a weapon.

3. Throw someone into marshmallows.


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