Laws Of Magic Series

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In a world where the gods and magic have returned, enforcing justice just got a lot more hazardous!

Cassandra Berry is a prosecutor with a problem; the Defendant in her latest case is claiming Dionysus made him do it, and if he wins, defendants across the country will be pulling this excuse in every case. In order to get the god to answer a subpoena, she asks Apollo for help.

But divine favors always come with strings attached…



And long before Cassandra had her powers, Tyler was dealing with her own issues. (Warning, spoilers for The Gods Defense in this blurb!)

Kidnapped kids are the least of her problems…

Lion shifter Tyler Carmichael’s day starts with a telepathic cry for help from children shifters who have been kidnapped by scientists and even she’s not so cold as to leave children to suffer. Now she has to work with the wolves’ king Caesius to rescue them and stop the scientists permanently, before all of humanity finds out about shifters and magic.

But Tyler and Caesius have been teasing each other for years and the sexual games could be their undoing.

And the shifters’ magic isn’t the only kind at play.



Hive mind was never this literal before magic woke up…

Millie’s first date with Anton at the ropes course is going great, until a spell sweeps the woods, turning everyone it touches into worker ants.

Except Millie.

As the hive swarms to fulfill a nefarious mission, Millie flies to the rescue, only to find the heartbreak from her past may be the only thing keeping her feet on the ground and head out of the clouds as the spell comes for her.