WritersLife Wednesdays


These are the posts on Writing.  How to do it, tips, tricks and positions… wait, that’s not right.  That’s so not right 🙂  Moving on.  This is the page of my posts and ones I st… borrow from other sources on the craft of writing.  As of March 2015, I’m doing these every Wednesday, but I’ve got some posted from before then and I’m sure the ones in the future won’t all restrict themselves to just Wednesdays.

Writing a Series? Plot the Series Arch from the Beginning. 6/5/15

Lyrics that Speak to Your Characters. 6/3/15

7 Steps to Plot Your Way Out of Writer’s Block – Example. 5/29/15

Plot Your Way Out Of Writer’s Block. 5/27/15

How To Beat Writer’s Depression. 5/20/15

Why We Pound On The Publishing Door. 5/1/15

Publishing – List of Professional Markets that Publish Fantasy/Sci Fi Short Stories. 4/30/15

Building An Author Platform. 4/29/15

Waiting is the Hardest Part, Rejections are a Close Second – Story Submissions 4/27/15

Zombie Quarantine – I’m sick but still workin’ it, cuz writers don’t quit. 4/24/15

CampNano Problems. 4/15/15

Write Small: 5 ways to make your reader care. 4/8/15

Plotter or Pantster – It’s a Sliding Scale. 4/3/15

Camp Nano Starts Today! – Plot: The Hero’s Journey. 4/1/15

When You’re Bored, Where Does Your Imagination Go? That’s Your Next Story. 3/27/15

Pep Talk from Jim Butcher for Nano. 3/25/15

Step One in Dr. Amie’s Plot Fixer Elixer: The Blurb Assignment. 3/18/15

Pep Talk from Roth.  3/11/15

Step One in Dr. Amie’s Plot Fixer Elixer: Tighten up that drunken cat plot one step at a time.  The Blurb.  3/7/15

Writer’s Block? Take Your Life And Dump It On The Page.  3/5/15

Life isn’t sterile – your scenes shouldn’t be either.  1/16/15

A Novel Is A Seduction.

Writer’s Crisis? Time for an explosion!

Jim Butcher On Writing Scenes And Their Sequels.

You’re Not Lazy If You’re Trying To Write And Just Can’t. Ask Yourself What Else Is Going On. 

Fighting And Fashion – Dressing To Kill.

Hey Baby, What’s Your Personality Type – What Myers Briggs Types Are Your Characters?


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