Amie Gibbons

This is the official site of urban fantasy author Amie Gibbons.  I have four series: Evie Jones, The SDF, Laws of Magic, and The Order of the Sphinx, each with shorts and novellas out, and my first book, (Laws of Magic 1) The Gods Defense, will be out in April 2016.

Check me out at and on Facebook at my Author Profile and my page, Author Amie Gibbons.

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I’m obsessed with alternate realities, whether or not I travel to them in the flesh or just in my mind, I will leave to you to figure out.

My influences include the authors Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, and Kelley Armstrong; the TV shows Sliders, Grey’s Anatomy, Psych, The Big Bang Theory, Stargate, and Fringe; and way too many musicians to name.

My blog is about the law and writing. I hit on both… and anything else that pops into my head, but those are my main areas of interest. Mostly I focus on writing, and most of my law posts are to give writers a crash course in some snippet of the law so they can get it right in their writing 🙂 (Please, please get the basics right; my sister’s banned me from watching any shows touching on legal issues because I can’t stop correcting them.)



(All of my writing on this site, including but not limited to stories, legal writings and brilliantly sarcastic comments are copyrighted by me.  You can share on social media, in fact I encourage it, just give me credit and don’t try to pass off any of my work as yours.)

13 thoughts on “Amie Gibbons

  1. very interesting. I like lawyers, have dated a lot of them, and am interested in conceptual thought. I write, too, about sortof sci-fi — sex, tequila and UFO’s is my line for Love Story. You might find it interesting.
    thought your exercise was a good one — nicely done!

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    1. Ummmmmm, I think I clicked on something when I was setting it up. Like under the dashboard you go to appearance, maybe. Can you tell me what it does because I still don’t know.

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  2. Under the appearance one, go to theme options. That’s where mine asking me to “Show RSS Link in Header” was. It just says yes or no and I put yes.

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