New Release!

A brand new short story in the SDF Psychic Series, Psychic Masquerade, aka When Ari met Pyro, is out today! Ariana Ryder just started getting psychic visions out of the blue last week. She’s not going to let the freaky new powers stop her from going to the Halloween Masquerade ball though. The who’s who … More New Release!

New Release!

Anyone who follows me on social media probably knows I went through a breakup about a year and a half ago. I say breakup, but we were together for six years, so it’s more like a divorce without the paperwork. And losing my home and the person who was supposed to love me like that … More New Release!

New Kitten!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen I have a new kitten… kind of hard to miss because I have posted So. Many. Photos! 🙂 I’d been talking about getting a new cat for almost a year, since I got back to Nashville. After Gremlin died, it broke me, and my … More New Kitten!

The September Curse

I’m in Utah on vacation for the week. Hanging with my family, getting some writing done, hopefully recharging, because life has bashed most of the fight out of me… And hiding from the September Curse. September has been my cursed month since my first year of law school. September 8th is basically my version of … More The September Curse

Absolutely Awesome Reviews That Remind Me Why I Write

I’ve gotten some fantastic reviews that just make me tear up and be so grateful for my readers. Seriously, the absolute best thing you can do for a writer you like is leave a review. So, to honor a few of those readers, I thought I’d post a few of them for Psychic Undercover here. 5.0 … More Absolutely Awesome Reviews That Remind Me Why I Write

I LOVE Halloween!

My costumes the past few years. 🙂 Steampunk girl, 40s reporter, Belle, and now zombie school girl (because I’ve been hitting the gym and wanted to flaunt it 🙂 Like I said, I love Halloween!!! And in honor of this day, I got a new blurb for the new release, Psychic Wanted, and the first … More I LOVE Halloween!

New Release! Psychic Wanted (Un)Dead or Alive!

New Release! Just in time for Halloween. Psychic Wanted (Un)Dead or Alive is out! # Hell hath no fury… Halloween’s here and psychic FBI agent Ariana Ryder is ready to party. Sure, her and her boss Grant haven’t been in a good place since what happened in Miami; he’s basically acting like he doesn’t care … More New Release! Psychic Wanted (Un)Dead or Alive!

Guys, Don’t be a Shit and Ask a Woman to Hang; Ask a Woman Out.

Guys, I’m going to start off with the lesson, if you do not ask a woman out like a man, you say you want to hang out, you are a chickenshit and do not get to bitch about being “friend-zoned.” You put yourself there. And if you don’t ask her out because you aren’t interested … More Guys, Don’t be a Shit and Ask a Woman to Hang; Ask a Woman Out.